Bio Miticide

Bio Miticide is generally used to control arthropod pests in greenhouse production systems. It is suitable for usage in alfalfa, apple, tobacco, tangerine, soybeans, watermelons, vegetables, and a variety of other field crops. This is a contact insecticide that is used to manage insect infestations.


Bio Larvicide

The use of Bio Larvicide will result in the killing of all hazardous larval insect pests, which will be highly detrimental to all agricultural crops for a very long time. This larvicide is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This is great to handle.

Bio Stimulant

Bio Stimulant is a chemical or microbe that promotes natural plant processes. This is particularly efficient at reducing crop stress. If abiotic stress is alleviated, the plant can continue to thrive and deliver a greater return on investment. Growers can produce a higher-quality crop by utilizing this.

Bio Insecticides

Bio Insecticides are used in a sustainable agricultural system is that they are more ecologically friendly and do not affect the soil, water supply, or wildlife, including beneficial insects. The direct introduction of bacterial and fungal toxins that may eliminate diseases and pests into plants is made possible through biotechnology.

Organic Fungicide

Organic Fungicide is more widely employed since they provide protection and control over a wide range of fungus and have specific applications. This fungicide is best for controlling almost all sorts of fungus diseases in your home garden, domestic usage, and agricultural. This is very economical to use.


Micro Nutrient

Micro Nutrient is found in plant enzyme systems. This is essential for photosynthesis. It plays a crucial role in processes such as nitrogen fixation and protein synthesis. They are nutrients that the body needs in smaller amounts for growth and development. This is very effective and safe too.

Plant Growth Regulator

Plant Growth Regulator is a basic organic compound with a variety of chemical compositions. This is chemical compound that control plant cell development and differentiation. It is chemical messenger that allows intracellular communication to take place. This is very effective and economical to use.

Flowering And Growth Stimulant

Flowering And Growth Stimulant acts as an excellent organic solution with a blossoming specialised composition. It is an excellent bloom enhancer for all indoor and outdoor plants in all soil types. It increases yield and aids in the development of resistance. It improves a flower's colour, beauty, and size.

Wetting Agents

Wetting Agents extend these bonds and reduce the likelihood of molecules linking together, making it easier for the liquid to spread across any solid surface. They are composed of a range of compounds, all of which have this tension-reducing action and are commonly referred to as surfactants.


Sulphur Fertilizer

Sulfur Fertilizer is one of the important minerals necessary for proper plant growth and development. Sulfur is found in protein disulfide bonds, amino acids, vitamins, and cofactors.It's employed as a supplementary nutrient as well as to address alkaline soil issues. It aids in the production of enzymes and plant proteins.

Agriculture Pesticides

Agriculture Pesticides are instruments meant to assist farmers in safely deterring or managing pests such as insects, fungus, and weeds that can endanger the health or quality of their crop. Pesticides, together with other plant science advancements, enable farmers to grow crops more effectively and sustainably than ever before.

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